How can I research products on Amazon?

There are many tales of successful Amazon sellers. But every opportunity needs strategy and market research to be effective. With a 50% share of all online sales in the US, Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms. No other site gives such a broad audience if you sell online. The first step in starting your online business adventure is to investigate Amazon products.

Why hesitate to useĀ amazon product research when you are already aware of its advantages? Here are our comprehensive guidelines for using Amazon product research.

Step 1: Select your company’s strategy.

It’s crucial to think carefully about the route your firm should go. Setting a course will assist you in reaching your destination. Pick a destination for your business. Will you stick with your current small business strategy or will you grow it into an empire? Are you going to sell the shop again on Amazon?

You may then decide what steps to take to accomplish your goals. In general, selling things is extremely easy, but maintaining them over time and expanding them takes a lot of labour. Most people begin by working in retail before deciding between two options: closing the business or creating their own line of goods.

Step 2: Establish requirements for product suppliers.

You must know what you are searching for in order to narrow the options down to those that fit your criteria. Each person will have various standards depending on factors like cash, business style, and objectives. There isn’t a universal method you can use to establish product requirements, however when you do so, you may take the following things into account:

  • Cost per product: Ordinary employees merely range in price from $20 to $150. They seldom ever spend more than $150 on a product from an unidentified manufacturer.
  • Competitiveness: Your chances of selling products increase with a reduced level of competition. The amount of reviews on the best-selling items may be used to gauge this.
  • Demand: You must determine the typical monthly order volume for items. To obtain an approximate idea of how many of the best-selling goods are currently on sale, utilise the sales calculator.

finding products to sell on amazon

Step 3: Use the information to investigate products and look for sales possibilities.

Always base your research on the standards you established in the preceding stage. You must begin keeping note of all the various items you wish to investigate. To preserve the data you want and do comparisons, you can develop your own spreadsheet. Additionally, you may greatly simplify the process of product research by using a variety of tools.

Step 4: Speak with potential vendors

Finding the product’s source is necessary when you’ve selected a product that meets your requirements. You should get in touch with the company or brand that manufactures or distributes the goods you wish to sell if you want to become an agent. The search for source items may be done in a variety of methods, including engaging with regional contract producers and contacting distributors.