When to opt for pergolas with sliding covers?

The desire to enjoy open spaces is innate in human nature, and the pergola with sliding cover helps to please it by eliminating the limitations due to the climate. It is valid in the home and in the commercial sphere with screen enclosures in Vacouver, BC.

In both contexts, and particularly in the second, there is frequently the need to expand the space at one’s disposal beyond the summer season. Do you want it because the commercial activity needs to satisfy the wishes of customers, or it enjoys a suggestive location that is certainly better exploited with a “four seasons” pergola, or for a volume of customers that “forces” to use the space as well external? In any case, the solution given by this structure turns out to be ideal.

A second advantage that can encourage the use of a pergola with a sliding cover, if attached, is to mitigate the cold and heat even inside the rooms that overlook it.

When to opt for pergolas with sliding glass doors?

The type of pergolas with sliding side windows offers the advantage of good thermal insulation without obstructing the surrounding view. This is why it is the ideal solution for an authentic four-season livability of the pergola. If winter is no longer an enemy of outdoor stays thanks to the protection of these structures, even in the summer there is an advantage.

The problem of a sun that is a bit too intrusive and hot can in fact ruin the pleasure of being outdoors. But inside a beautiful pergola with sliding windows you can enjoy the shade whenever you want. The remedy is the combination with

a covering side screen made up of curtains , which allows you to use the sliding windows even when the temperatures turn upwards and the brightness can be annoying.

Finally: we are talking about an extremely durable material. It does not degrade, does not yellow, is resistant to stains, shows no signs of wear (optimal conditions of use permitting, of course). In a word, it doesn’t age. And with the use of tempered glass and a lock you also get a deterrent against theft or vandalism.