There Are Two Types Of Quartz Stones

There are two kinds of quartz stones, although chemically they have the same composition, SiO2. One of them is macrocrystalline quartz stone, and examples of the stones are aventurine, amethyst, blue quartz, rose quartz, citrine, eagle eye stone, cat eye stone, smoky quartz stone, smoky quartz stone, eye stone tiger and prasiolite. This kind of quartz stone is usually rather transparent to total transparent. On the other hand, before you continue to read this info, we suggest you check out some of the best quartz countertops in Dallas if you want to beautify your kitchen with this type of stone.

There are also cryptocrystalline quartz stones, and examples of the stones are chalcedony (chalcedony stone), onion agate (chrysoprase stone), agate, bloodstone, carnelian stone, and jasper stone. This kind of quartz stone is usually a little transparent to opaque alias difficult to see.

Quartz stone is named by the Slavs which means “hard”. The stone is durable, hard, beautiful and not easily damaged. Although the stones are found naturally, most of the quartz stones used in industrial needs are man-made.

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