There Are 4 Packing Tips For Touring On Motorbikes

The dimensions of the motorcycle are much smaller compared to cars. This is often the main reason for users to choose it. The compact dimensions of the motorbike make it nimble to use to break traffic to make it easy to find parking. However, on the other hand, the motorcycle does not provide much space to be used to carry goods, for example when they want to do long-distance touring. For this reason, bikers are required to be creative in carrying their belongings without ignoring the safety aspect. Some people choose to use boxes to increase luggage capacity. Some are still relying on ordinary bags to carry clothes, raincoats, or even a camera when touring away. However, we recommend you to use some of the best motorcycle backpacks.

For this reason, this time we will discuss 4 tips on packing things before you decide to go on an adventure:

1. Roll up the clothes before you put them in the bag

As flying hours increase long-distance motorcycle trips, you will find your own tricks. For example, rolling up a shirt before putting it in a bag. So it’s not just folded. Clothes that are rolled up will be much smaller in size so that they will be easier to manage. If you carry enough clothes, this method can also make the bag not look too bulging.

2. Bring only the necessary

A mistake often made by those with minimal flying hours on a motorcycle trip is to carry too much luggage. Everyone does have different personal needs. But if the luggage feels too much, then immediately reduce it because it might be troublesome on the trip.

3. Put the bag safely

Carrying a bag during the trip can be very torturous. The solution, you can tie the bag in the back seat with a note you drive without a pillion. To be safe, make sure to only use quality binders, which can be a cargo net that is designed for use on motorbikes.

4. Keep electronic goods from water

It is highly recommended to use a travel bag or carrying a bag that is waterproof when traveling on a motorcycle. However, just in case you can use a dry bag to put electronic goods, such as cameras or smartphones.

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