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These Reasons Might Make Some People Don’t Watch Aladdin Yet

I believe that Aladdin is an amazing movie. I believe this because I’ve watched the “A whole new world” scene on YouTube where Aladdin takes Princess Jasmin on a magic carpet ride. This scene alone is quite powerful for a live-action movie, and there are a lot of positive comments in the comment section of that video on YouTube. However, there are actually some reasons that make me don’t watch the movie yet. I also believe that these reasons might make some people don’t watch this movie too. However, if you haven’t watched the movie too, and you decide to watch it right away, we suggest you watch it on viooz.

Here are some reasons that make me, and probably some people don’t watch this movie yet:

We don’t grow up with Aladdin Movie

Of course, this movie is a live-action adaptation of the animated version of this movie from 1992. Honestly, I was born the next year after this movie has been released, so I, myself and probably some people don’t grow up with this movie. Maybe, because of that, there’s no emotional attachment between me, some people, with that movie franchise. This makes us lose the desire to watch this movie right away when it’s released in cinemas.

I personally don’t like the design of Will Smith “Genie” character

I think the Genie is too blue in this movie. I do know that the cartoon version of this character is very blue, but I think the blue color on Will Smith’s Genie character is too blue for my eyes to watch. Although it’s a very trivial thing, it is enough to make me and some people feel lazy to watch this movie, just to avoid some pain in our eyes.

The voice of Jafar in the trailer

I’ve watched the trailer, and when I saw the scene when Jafar said “Bring me the lamp!”, it turned me off. I think his voice is too soft compared to the animated version of this villain, so it kinda makes me believe that the movie is not entertaining enough according to my standard. However, if I have some more free time in the future, I might reconsider my choice of watching this movie, due to a lot of positive comments about this movie on the internet.