Specialty Of The Calcium Score In Millburn, NJ

Calcium score in Millburn, NJ, provides good care and attention to one’s specific needs. The most important decision is choosing a diagnostic imaging center for calcium score screening. In Millburn, NJ, the hospital keeps their patient in a comfortable environment while they enter their screening procedure. The doctor creates a treatment plan for calcium score in Millburn, NJ. The calcium score test is known as a heart scan. The procedure uses CT scanning and X-rays to look into any build-up of plaque in the arteries. If the doctor detects plaque build-up, then the doctor will create a health plan that may include medication or changes in the lifestyle to reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart-related diseases.

Why does One Need A Calcium Score Test?

A calcium score screening test may be beneficial if one has a risk of heart issues. If the doctor thinks that one should have the calcium score test, then this test may be called. If one’s doctor suggests any the heart diseases like

  • Build up plaque that blocks one’s coronary arteries.
  • Birth defects in the heart
  • Tumors in or on the heart
  • Injury or defects in the heart’s four primary valves.
  • Blood clots in the heart’s chambers.

What Is The Range Of a Healthy Calcium Score?

The most healthy score is 0 because that means there is no calcium present in the heart. As the number rises from 0, the patient has more risk of heart disease or a heart attack. 100 to 300 means one has a plaque in the heart. If anything is over 300 then there is a high risk of heart relating problems. They must consult a doctor for that.

The doctor will create one’s result and discuss the next steps with the individual. It can be that there will be no changes in one’s current treatment plan if one’s calcium score is low. The doctor will recommend exercise or weight loss goals to reduce one’s risk of developing heart issues. The doctor will also change the medication if it’s required.