SEO Newbie Makes These SEO Mistakes

Knowledge about SEO is the key to the successful SEO campaign. There are still many people who have problems using this technique. SEO newbie often makes mistakes which affect their search engine optimization. You can work with atlanta seo company if you don’t want to make any mistakes that can ruin your SEO campaign. Here are SEO mistakes that you must avoid if you want to produce quality content.

Using Too Many Keywords

SEO is a technique that attracts based on several factors. One of these factors is the use of keywords. The composition of keywords and harmonized content can help them appear on the main page. You may not use too many of these keywords in content. The use of keywords must be in harmony with the size of the content. For example, you can repeat keywords about 10 times if you write an article with 500 words if the keyword consists of one word. You can use 4 and 7 times if the keyword consists of 3 words.

Less Use of Inbound Links

The link is important in SEO. This ensures that the content created leads to better information on the website. Visitors who browse and are interested in a particular topic can immediately check their own research. The duration of interaction with visitors is important. This can also help create content. As long as the content is related to the previous content on the website, this can be connected. When you create new content, you can still easily create inbound links with old content.

Content Duplication

Search engines usually eliminate duplication. If your content has good use of keywords and inbound links, if it is similar to other people’s content, your content does not automatically appear on the main page. If the search engines rate your content a lot to imitate, your website will be low and more difficult to find with search engines.

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