Role of Chicken Manure in Cultivation of High yield Plants

Cultivation is our tradition and cultivating the plants with high yield needs to follow more steps. So, providing proper fertilization is more important to grow the plant in healthy conditions and to yield more too. This can be achieved by adding suitable fertilizer to the soil. In this view manure fertilizer is an important one and it is a natural fertilizer. Decomposition of plants and animal waste becomes manure. Manure is not only delivered the nutrients to the soil where it adds organic components to the soil and improves more fertility. Also, it enhances the soil properties such as aeration behavior and retention of moisture. The great advantage of the manure fertilizer is, completely organic hence the environment will not get polluted. Manure can be classified into three different ways as compost manure, green manure, and Farmyard manure.

Compost Manure: It is one of the manure when we apply to the plant, actively increasing the organic content of the soil. It has been obtained after the decomposition of animal waste and dead plants like kitchen waste. By putting it all together in a compost pit and leaving it, microbes present in the mixture will decompose and made it as manure.

Green Manure: It has been made by plants and its parts and no decomposition is happening here instead the grown legumes will improve the fertility of the soil. This type of manure mainly helps to stops soil erosion.

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Farmyard Manure: It is being acquired from animal wastes and crop waste. These are the manure that will act slowly and contain more organic matter. The sun-dried mixtures will be used as fertilizer for the plant. Applying this, the water holding capacity of the soil will get improvised.

Chicken manure is one of the compost manure. The organic fertilizer will be used in the nitrogen-deficient soil. It is rich in phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Chicken wastes should be decomposed before using to make them non-toxic since they possess more nitrogen. This nitrogen will be brake by the composting process hence chicken waste can be made as chicken manure fertilizer. Composted chicken manure will be called black gold. It mainly serves two purposes.

  1. Chicken manure act as a good soil amendment and adds more organic matter to the soil. This will increase the water-holding ability of the soil.
  2. Chicken manure acts as fertilizer too. Also, it delivers all the nutrients to the plants to provide more yield.