Pay Attention To The Way You Pray

If you feel you pray with an that there is no disobedience in it, then food, drink, and clothing can be obtained by lawful means, but still not answered by God then pay attention to the way you pray. Because praying hastily is the reason for refusing prayer. the purpose of haste is when someone is in despair because he feels his prayer will not be answered by God so that the person stops praying. Supposedly in praying, we must be full of confidence and carried out continuously, do not despair of God. Pray to God in a state of certainty that it will be granted, and know that God does not answer prayers from a negligent heart.

It might not be answered because of the sin he did, because his heart was negligent when he prayed, or because he ate something unclean. Or it may also be that one’s prayers will not be answered because God chooses what is best for him with God replacing what he asks for with something more useful in heaven and the hereafter. Or even God replaced it with something in the afterlife and eternal heaven. It could also be that God replaced the request of the man earlier with other benefits with God avoiding him from various ugliness. It could be that God prevented him from being ugly without realizing it. That is because of the prayers he prayed to God. This is the best according to the wisdom of God.

Whoever is bored in praying, then his prayer is not answered because prayer is worship whether granted or not, one should not be bored of worship. The delay in the request prayer may not be the time for the prayer to be granted because everything has been set at the time it occurs so that anything that is not yet in time will not be possible, or the request may not be granted with the purpose of God replacing the prayer with a reward. For this reason, the importance of being patient in praying to God and also always being prejudiced to God for prayers for our requests as a servant to the Creator.

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