Essential Steps to Install an Oil Tank

If you currently have an oil tank for your heating system or are considering switching to them, then there are some things that you should know before installation. During this time of energy conservation, many people are looking at converting their home heating systems back to the old standby fuel of choice Рoil. Regardless of whether you live in a country setting, on a farm, or in the middle of town, home-heating with fuel oil is economical and has significant advantages over other methods. Currently having an oil tank installation westchester county ny includes getting proper advice from different companies on the best way to do it.

Oil tanks must comply with environmental protection laws

The first thing that needs special attention when installing any storage facility (oil tank) is compliance with environmental protection laws. This means that the tanks need to be painted with a certain chemical paint to prevent anything from contaminating the soil, groundwater or air around it after there is a leak. Several state and federal regulations govern how a qualified contractor must do oil-tank installations. So even though it may seem time-consuming and expensive, taking the proper steps will not only save you money later on if the tank needs repairs, but also make your whole neighborhood safer.

If an old tank has been leaking toxic chemicals for years or decades before it’s discovered, then it can be a serious issue for anyone living nearby. Your state or local government will have agencies that handle this type of contamination and they should be able to advise you on what you need to do if there is an oil tank in your yard.

Inspect your existing facilities for leaks

If you already have an oil tank in place, then the first thing that needs to be done before getting it installed professionally is a professional inspection. The last thing that anyone wants is a big hole in their lawn where the old underground storage tanks used to be! Any leaks from these tanks can contaminate soil and groundwater with toxic chemicals, so make sure yours are properly repaired before going ahead with the new installation.

Choosing the best size of new oil tank

Choosing how much fuel capacity your oil storage tanks should have is essential. Several things need to be taken into consideration when determining the proper size of a heating-oil storage tank.