Electrical Short Circuit Could Cause Fire

An electrical short circuit is a connection with a very small electrical resistance, causing a very large flow of electricity and if not overcome then it can cause explosions and fires. Many of the fires that occur are caused by an electrical short circuit. You could use the service of licensed electrician Columbia SC to help you maintain the electrical equipment in your house.

Therefore several things must be considered to prevent fires caused by an electrical short circuit. It is better to hand over the installation of electrical installations to experts who are registered and licensed to ensure the safety of you and your family. Try to avoid accumulating too many plugs or plugs in one socket because such a connection will build up more heat which can eventually cause an electrical short circuit. You must always use standardized electrical equipment and the right size. Use a fuse that is still good and replace the broken fuse with a new fuse, do not occasionally connect the fuse using wire fiber. Maintain regular electrical installations to find out if there is damage to the cable or electrical equipment such as insulation that is open at the connection. If possible, replace all installation lines every five years.

If a fire is caused by an electrical shortage due to the safety of the circuit breaker cannot function properly, then immediately turn off the electricity. Beware if there is an unusual scent of burn. The smell is usually not too oppressive, but never disappear. Get used to be careful, alert and not careless in using electricity. The electrical wires installed in the house do not occasionally be left peeled or left open. If there is a fire caused by an electric short circuit then you should never use water to put out the fire because if there is still an electric current it could be very dangerous.

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