Effective Way To Get A Girl’s Number

Since the very beginning, men always try to find a way to a girl’s heart. In the past, the generation before us their methods of approaching a girl through the seduction outlined in poetry, writing or just expressions of love, but in the current era, you might use technological facilities and social media to connect with the girl you like. From various social media choices, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chat media. So, here are the ways you could so in texting a girl you like.

First, you need to get her number. You have to have the contact number of your crush if you want to text her, haven’t you? Now, how do you text her by WhatsApp if you don’t have her contact number? So, the first step is to get her number. What is an effective way (read: smooth) to get your crush’s number?

– When you are meeting face to face, for example, you were introduced by your friend or accidentally acquaintance because of certain situations. You need to be brave and be casual to ask for contact numbers with friendly gestures. This method requires a great sense of confidence. Remember that girls think confidence is sexy. The second way, when you are just acquainted and she is stealing glances at her phone, you can immediately take your phone and ask ‘innocent’ questions like: “Uh, do you use WhatsApp too?”

– Say hello first through other social media, follow your crush on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. Do not rush to send her DM’s (direct message) to ask for her number. Just follow the timeline, pay attention to quality likes and comments. When she starts to ‘notice’ and like your comments or reply, immediately send DM’s.

– Ask your friend for her number, but this method might not be recommended and you should not use it if it is still possible for other ways. Because, when you get the number, and immediately text her, it will be difficult for you to explain where you can get her number.

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