All about the Costs and Coverage of Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping Insurance is a profitable business. And its value goes beyond just giving businesses or homeowners better views. Studies show that good landscaping enhances air quality, and also protects water quality. It can even decrease the crime rate in the neighborhood. Landscaping investments tend to be recover when a seller sells his home. Homes with amazing landscaping tend to sell quicker.

If you are a landscaper or own a landscaping company, you may have concerns about the liability that other businesses do. A part of being a smart business owner is to protect your business from risks. Even landscapers can encounter some problems and find themselves the recipient of a lawsuit or a claim. This is why selecting the best landscaping insurance is important. The total cost of landscaping insurance depends on different factors.

How much does landscaping insurance cost?

            Landscaping business insurance can cost as low as $37 monthly. Yet the actual price you’ll pay depends on your particular needs and circumstances. Where you work, the kind of work you do, how many employees, and other factors will affect your customized quote. Some professions are naturally riskier, various states have different regulations. Also, more populous areas have more costly insurance rates.

It’s vital to give the most exact information about your business. To ensure you have the coverage that is appropriate for you. So that your claims are protected by your policy.

Types of Landscaping Insurance Coverage

            Landscaping insurance is an industry-particular collection of policies that most lawn care companies must have. Landscapers need coverage for employee injuries, business property damaged by vandalism, or theft.

  • General Liability- business-owned assets like equipment, building, or inventory
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance- Damage, injury, and lawsuits. Occurs from accidents including vehicles owned or used by your business
  • Worker’s compensation- Wage replacement and medical bills for employees harmed at work.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance- Added liability coverage for worker’s compensation. Commercial auto policies and general liability.